Die Funkamateure von Dominica J7 haben ohne zu zögern gleich nach dem Hurrikan, mit dem was von ihren Anlagen noch übriggeblieben ist, die Kommunikation mit der Aussenwelt aufgenommen.

Eure Spende ist bei den Ham's von J7 hoch willkommen. Ich werde diese vor Ort in eurem Namen weitergeben. Eure Spende könnt ihr auf das Konto der Regiobank, Solothurn, IBAN CH56 0878 5017 7578 3112 2 (Dominica) einzahlen. Willkommen sind auch Materialspenden jeder Art für den Funkbetrieb (Funkgeräte, Antennenmaterial, Stecker, Messgeräte) per E-Mail an hb9mfm@uska.ch

Hier das E-Mail von Wayne, J73WA, mit der Bitte um Unterstützung. Er hat von mir bereits ein IC-7000 mit Pactor III Modem erhalten. Wayne ist damit bereits QRV und kann damit über Kurzwelle E-Mails versenden.

Hello Walter

It was nice making contact with you this morning through Christine Roserens. I cannot remember meeting you though although many people have told me about you. I am very bad at remembering casual encounters. I have been told by many that I am being featured by news organizations around the world and on social media for my work during and post hurricane Maria, work which I think is being grossly exaggerated. I really do not feel like I have done anything extraordinary. I just did what came naturally. This includes ensuring that the first thing I did once there was some daylight and the wind was down was to string up an 80m dipole, get on the air and stay there till the EOC was set up and operational. My next order of business was ensuring that I was not the only person in the community who had lights. The first thought which came to mind was to provide an extension chord so that community could charge their flashlights, batteries and cellular phones which they use as flashlights. My third order of business was assisting in the passing of health and welfare traffic. Everybody wanted their family outside of Dominica to know that they were ok. I set up a crude NBEMS system with J37X in Grenada and twice a day we would connect digitally when I would send him a list of email address and short messages which he would copy and paste into short emails and whatsapp messages. I quickly realized that my resources was severely limited and that I could not do all that I wanted to do, even after getting two young ladies to volunteer to take the messages from the community and enter them into computers so I could send later. My battery bank began failing sometimes going below 11.8v. Derek in Grenada was beginning to get overwhelmed by the shear volume of messages he had to handle. I began putting together a list of equipment which I would need to not just replace what I have lost during Maria but ensure that I am able to continue providing these services to the community after Maria and any subsequent event. We are still in the hurricane season. The season ends on November 30 and storms have been known to form outside of the season, sometimes as late as Christmas. There will be subsequent hurricane seasons too. As advised by Christine, I am sending you an extensive list of equipment which I have compiled. By no means am I asking you to give them to me. They are very expensive and can cost in the region of tens of thousands of dollars. What I am asking for is your assistance in getting me as many of these items as possible so I can continue serving my community during their time of need.

Amateur radio equipment: 1 – 50’ to 60’ crank up/tilt over tower. (I lost my tower during Maria because I could not handle its disassembly all by myself. I need to have it replaced but with a better means of securing it when the next event comes around.) 1 – small HF radio for portable operation (we were unable to travel into the surrounding villages which remained cut off for weeks as I had no means of portable HF communication.) 1 – HF radio for dedicated digital HF communication 1 – pactor modem (for hf email) 3 – VHF radios (for vhf packet/digipeater/email) Bulk coaxial cable Assortment of amateur radio essential supplies like coaxial cable sealant, PL-259 connectors etc. Please remember that you are under no obligation to privide all of the items on my wish list. If you can assist with only one item it will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Wayne Abraham J73WA  

An dieser Stelle werde ich die Verwendung der Spenden laufend dokumentieren. Ich bin bis Ende Februar 2018 vor Ort als J79WTA und werde dort helfen, wo ich gebraucht werde. Ich bin für Fragen und Koordination jederzeit erreichbar (hb9mfm@uska.ch)  Mehr Infos zu den Ham's in Dominica J7 unter http://www.hb9ba.ch/pages/dominica-maria/darci.php


Die USKA Sektion Solothurn, HB9BA hat mir Gastrecht auf ihrer Homepage für diesen Spendenaufruf gegeben. Dafür möchte ich mich bei den OM's von HB9BA bedanken. Walter, HB9MFM / J79WTA